OSDG visits one of Hong Kong‘s top podcasts

November 17, 2021

In November 2021, the OSDG team joined #impact – one of Hong Kong’s most popular podcasts, which is among the top 5% of over 4 million podcasts worldwide (Listen Score).

Originally launched in 2017, the #impact team has produced over 150 episodes, and records from Hong Kong, Sydney, Berlin, Bali, Honolulu, and New York. The podcast showcases promising non-profits and social enterprises and is building a community of sustainability-driven professionals.

We were happy to be invited to join the podcast’s fifth season that specifically highlights innovative changemakers working towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The podcast producer and host Regina Larko gave a warm welcome to OSDG colleagues, Dr Núria Bautista Puig from Carlos III University of Madrid, and Gustė Statulevičiūtė from PPMI.

“The purpose of this season is to deliver a deeper and richer understanding of the SDGs, so that everyone can find their way to contribute to a better world by 2030. Our conversation with the OSDG team gave a new outlook into the Global Goals, one that encompasses science, technology, public policy, and combines it with artificial intelligence” says Regina Larko, founder, host and producer of the #impact podcast.

Listen to the episode below to discover a brief history of our SDG classification tool, and to learn about our experience of building an active community of citizen scientists. We also discuss the next stage of OSDG as a multi-purpose tool!

“We truly appreciate the opportunity and our time on the podcast, and having a chance to introduce the many activity strands of OSDG, and share our passion with #impact listeners all across the world” says OSDG team member Dr Núria Bautista Puig.

We once again thank the #impact team for having us, and recommend all SDG enthusiasts to listen to the podcast episodes and find out what making and impact means with truly inspiring stories.

The OSDG Community platform project is ongoing and still seeking citizen scientists! If you’re interested in contributing, please sign up here.