OSDG joins the Conference on Science, Technology and Innovation Indicators (STI 2022)

September 13, 2022

OSDG team recently attended the 26th International Conference on Science, Technology and Innovation Indicators, STI 2022 in Granada, Spain. OSDG was among the silver sponsors of the event.

This year’s edition “From Global Indicators to Local Applications” aimed to showcase the results from research, detailing how science, technology and innovation indicators are being applied in relating social actors to science and technology. The conference was organised by the Faculty of Communication and Documentation at the University of Granada.

Meeting the scholarly SDG community

OSDG representatives, Team Lead Vilius Stančiauskas and Lead Data Scientist Lukas Pukelis were among more than 250 distinguished scholars, founders, and experts in science and technology.

The conference topics ranged from ethics, diversity, and funding to open science, university-industry interactions, and trends in publishing, to name a few. The event also highlighted the importance of introducing novel indicators that would adhere to global challenges. Integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data methods, and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) along with the principles of UN Agenda 2030 were also part of the conversation, highlighting the importance of ensuring that research & innovation (R&I) continues in an inclusive and sustainable manner. One of the conference tracks was even dedicated to the importance of tracking research contributions to the SDGs.

“It was our pleasure to sponsor and take part in this year’s conference. Aside from engaging presentations and poster sessions, we also had an opportunity to discuss ways to discuss the importance of mapping your work to the SDG framework and contextualising SDG-related research.

We are seeing a continuous rise in interest to track how publications and other content relate to the Global Goals. Even more, there is a clear demand for compatibility with other languages, which is already implemented by OSDG”, says Lukas Pukelis.

OSDG has recently launched an updated version of its open-source classification tool, which allows to identify the SDGs in text excerpts or PDF documents not only in English but in 14 other languages.

Citizen science for complementing SDG research

OSDG approach was also introduced to the attendees during the poster session. Andrés Pandiella-Dominique and OSDG team member Núria Bautista-Puig submitted an exploratory study “OSDG Community Platform: a citizen science initiative towards the development goals".

The study aimed to measure the degree of agreement and disagreement between the OSDG Community platform volunteers and to determine the alignment towards the SDGs by analysing the results. The conference paper is readily available on Zenodo.

The STI 2022 Conference Proceedings are available on the Zenodo repository. We look forward to the forthcoming STI 2023, to be held in Leiden, Netherlands!